Monona Community Festival

Wife Carry Race



Love your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just have a friend who wants to win money? Are you willing to carry him or her to the ends of the Earth? Try this for a start: carry them over sand,
grass, water hazards, and hay bales. The place to do it is the City of Monona, Wisconsin during the annual Fourth of July Festival. Other than the usual art fair, entertainment tent, carnival, Tastes of the Fouth, the Monona Community Festival also features the WISCONSIN WIFE CARRY CHAMPIONSHIP, a handy, if somewhat difficult way of proving your ability to support your significant other/friend through thick and thin!

This bizarre contest has its origins in the 19th century, when the area now known as Finland was rife with brigands who indulged in- besides looting, – the equally questionable practice of abducting local women. Not too many people are keen on taking on the law by abducting their neighbors wives any more, but the Wisconsin Wife Carrying Championship tries to recreate the heat of the chase- although in this instance the spouse need not necessarily be your own. In fact, she need not even be a married woman, or even be a female – hey, it is Dane County – anyone over the age of 21 will do.

Contestants are expected to carry the other, secured to them by nothing more than a belt (if needed), over a 278 yard course, with various obstacles en route and in front of the judging eyes of your friends, family and neighbors. Just like at home! Dropping your precious load incurs a penalty of 15 seconds, but if you manage to be the first to reach the finish line, you get to take home the grand prize: the weight of the person carried in beer! What do they gain from this abuse? How about five dollars per pound of body weight!


Wisconsin Wife Carry Championship Grand Prize:

The carried person’s weight in beer
PLUS $5 per pound of the carried person.

(That is at least $525 and several cases of beer!)



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-The Monona Community Festival Wife Carry, has now been upgraded to the WISCONSIN WIFE CARRY CHAMPIONSHIP! This is in recognition of the Monona Wife Carry being the longest running and most competitive Wife Carry race in the state! As part of being the state championship, the winners of the race are eligible to compete at the North American Championship! 

-Over 40 Division: In order to make things more competitive for participates of all ages, any couple that is over the age of 40 will be eligible to win the Over 40 Division  prize! If the carrier is 40 years old or older, that couple is eligible for the Over 40 Division. While the main money and beer prize goes to the faster overall team, the fastest couple from the Over 40 Division will receive a special medal and extra cases of beer!